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Talent. Perspective. Drive. Inspiration.

Every student walks through the doors of school bearing gifts. At KIPP, we support every student to see those gifts, then build the skills and confidence they need to thrive. We challenge their minds while nurturing their joy of learning. We prepare every student for college and celebrate all paths to a fulfilling life. 

In my nearly two decades in public education, this charge has never meant more to me than it does today.

Despite the uncertainty of the last year and half, I am so grateful that one thing has remained the same—our families, teachers, and supporters continue to go above and beyond to ensure our students receive the joyful, academically excellent education they deserve.

Our students are thrilled to be learning in-person with their peers and teachers, and our team is focusing on cultivating what all students deserve—academic growth and a sense of belonging. 

Cherese Brauer
KIPP Public Schools Northern California CEO

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your belief and investment in the bright and abundant futures of our students and alumni. Together, we are partnering to pursue the more just world we all want to see.


I love KIPP, because they believe in my kids. They challenge my kids. KIPP sees me as a partner in my children’s education, and I feel welcomed and encouraged to be a leader.

Together, we continually raise the bar for teaching and learning, and, while each of our schools reflects the community to which it belongs, we are united around a shared commitment: a future without limits.

*as of the 2020-21 school year


Through the success of our students and alumni, KIPP Northern California serves as a model of excellence and collaborates with others to raise the quality of education across Northern California.

Despite the challenges of virtual learning during a pandemic, our students are proving the possible:

The Class of 2021 had our highest ever AP participation.

Our students’ identities are reflected by our staff.

Research shows that students learn better when they feel represented by their teachers. Our teachers are racially diverse and use teaching approaches that affirm the identities and background of all of our students.

Percentage of teachers who identify as people of color
Percentage of principals who identify as people of color

Source: National Association of Secondary School Principals

Our students are ready for what comes next.

We are growing with intention.

This August, KIPP opened its first school in Stockton—KIPP Stockton Middle School. In partnership with Stockton families and community organizations, we will open a total of five elementary, middle, and high schools that will serve grades TK-12 and support students through whatever path they choose—college, career, and beyond.

KIPP Stockton Middle School is a place that affirms, validates, and honors students’ experiences, because our students deserve to feel confident, be proud of themselves and their backgrounds, and know they are leaders.

We are looking forward with KIPP Forward.

Our students set a high bar for their futures. For some, that means being the first in their family to graduate from college or buy a home. For others, it means launching a business or becoming a certified tradesperson. So KIPP schools ensure each student has the skills and confidence to pursue any path that leads to their highest aspirations. 

Our schools support students to choose and prepare for the educational and career paths that fit their goals and sense of purpose. Once on their way, KIPP Forward teams help alumni to tackle academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while pursuing their dreams. And, through the KIPP Alumni Network, our KIPP family is creating powerful connections, and ascending together through networking, mentorship, and leadership training.

Nationally, a strong majority of alumni felt supported by their KIPP Forward counselor on their post-secondary path.

Our alumni are making their mark.

They are earning degrees, building businesses, reforming policy, serving their communities, and rising through the ranks of companies and organizations throughout the nation. Together, they’re creating a future without limits. For themselves. For all those who will follow them. And for us all. 

We are proud to honor our campaign supporters, annual donors, and board members who make our work possible every day.

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