20 years. 18 schools. 11,000+ students and alumni. Countless stories and perspectives that have shaped our work. Each has helped define us. Each has deepened our understanding of the role public education can play in defining the trajectory of our communities. 

To celebrate our first two decades, we are proud to partner with StoryCorps, an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing humanity’s stories, to capture and share stories from our KIPP community with the world. The conversations were recorded and produced in 2022 by StoryCorps in partnership with KIPP Northern California Public Schools. These stories will be archived at the Library of Congress to ensure the voices of KIPP students, educators, and families will forever be woven into the fabric of our culture. 

KIPP Northern California students, teachers, alumni, families, and leaders partnered with StoryCorps to talk with one another about what it means to be a part of the KIPP community.


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KIPP parent Whaticia Patterson and her son Isaiah Wilson reflect on discovering KIPP in San Francisco and the positive effect it has had on their entire family.

Former School Leader Amy Tran and KIPP alum Isaiah Bernardino reflect on their shared experience of founding KIPP Heritage in East San José and the friendship and community that still thrives.

Eva Heredia, madre de KIPP, y Melissa Salgado, Directora de Participación Comunitaria, reflexionan sobre cómo la asociación con los padres fortalece las comunidades de KIPP.


KIPP Northern California teachers McKenna & Jim Torres reflect on their journey from KIPP students to college friends to becoming KIPP teachers and now getting married.


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