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Anti-Racism in Action

Black Students Thriving Initiative

Our commitment to anti-racism gave rise to our Black Students Thriving Initiative. We are investing deeply to ensure our schools are building inclusive cultures, our teachers are trained in healing-centered practices, and our students have access to the mental health supports they need in school, in order to ensure all of our students, particularly our Black students, thrive.

Our Black Students Are Staying With Us

Our Black students are staying with us at higher rates. This year alone there was a 10% increase in the number of Black students who returned to KIPP.

Academic Bright Spots

We have seen gains among our Black students in elementary, middle, and high school.

In West Oakland, we saw a 29 point increase in the percentage of Black elementary students reading at grade level
Black middle school students at KIPP Bridge outperformed their KIPP peers on proficiency towards grade level standards
We’ve observed a six percentage point increase in AP participation and an 18 point increase in passing rates by our Black students
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