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We are a thriving network of 16 free, public elementary, middle and high schools open to all students. Explore what makes us special.

A Message From Our CEO

At KIPP, we’re doubling down on our commitment to create joyful, academically excellent schools where all students belong and thrive. This year, that promise is even more important, and today is the opportunity for you to join us and help be the change.

Our Student Community

Together with students and families, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and create a more just world.

Our schools educate over 6,500 students. Our students and their families live in neighborhoods across Northern California and speak over 25 languages at home. We are proud that our school communities reflect the rich histories and diversity of our region.

Being the Change

There isn’t one secret ingredient at KIPP. We’re creating change through a combination of key differences, all centered around our goal of students and alumni thriving in the lives they choose.

Anti-Racism in Action

At KIPP, we know the transformative power of education to combat systemic racism and oppression.  We know deep seated challenges require even deeper commitments. It’s not enough to be “not racist;” we must commit to being anti-racist. Anti-racism requires commitment, learning, and most importantly—action. It requires the explicit naming and intentional interruption of racial inequities in order to create equity in educational access and outcomes.

We’re seeing our efforts to provide an actively anti-racist education and build a real sense of belonging pay off. Families are staying with KIPP year after year at high and increasing rates, and students are attending school at higher rates, which indicates a sense of belonging and excitement to learn and connect with peers and teachers.

More students are staying with us every year. This year 94% of students returned to KIPP.
Average daily attendance is up to 96%.

Engaged Communities

We partner with families and local organizations in our communities to support healthy development for children. We join other educational and community-based groups in combating the widespread effects of systemic racism and advocating for issues that matter to our families. Some of our partners include YMCA, Bayview-Hunters Point Clinic, The Edible Schoolyard Project, Nuestra Casa, Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, and the Boys & Girls Club.

It’s not just about my kids. I want everyone in our community to be able to have the amazing experience we’re having. I want everyone in our community to feel safe, respected, loved, and heard. Parents, teachers, and students are working together to build something that empowers everyone.

Alina Arroyo | KIPP Parent

The Edible Schoolyard Project

This fall, KIPP Valiant moved to a new school location in the Woodland Park neighborhood of East Palo Alto and we opened a high school for KIPP Valiant and KIPP Excelencia graduates,  KIPP Esperanza, in East Palo Alto. In an effort to support the KIPP and broader East Palo Alto community during shelter-in-place, we partnered with The Edible Schoolyard Project, founded by Bay Area restaurateur Alice Waters, to provide quality, fresh CSA-style food boxes to families in Woodland Park throughout the summer. Boxes were available to families on a weekly basis, granting greater access to fresh food, all while investing in small-to-midsize organic local farmers. Over the course of the summer, we distributed thousands of boxes to hundreds of families.

Great Teachers

At the heart of KIPP is a talented group of teachers who believe in KIPP’s mission and are committed to helping all students reach their full potential. Research shows that students learn better when they feel represented by their teachers. Our teachers are racially diverse and use teaching approaches that affirm the identities and background of all of our students. All KIPP schools use research-based, restorative justice practices proven to be effective at addressing challenging situations.

KIPP Teachers Who Identify As People of Color vs. Public School Teachers Statewide

“As a Black school leader, my dream is that my students, who are over 90% African American and Latinx, will know that there is beauty, excellence, and world-changing potential in being Black and Brown.”

Aundrey Page

KIPP SF College Prep School Leader

We’ve always equipped teachers with opportunities for professional growth through individual coaching and specialized professional development. KIPP offers weekly one-on-one coaching for teachers at all schools, in addition to specialized training days throughout the year and for new-to-KIPP teachers in the summer. Teachers in our region overwhelmingly report my school is committed to improving my instructional practice.

In this moment, even the most seasoned educators are learning what it means to provide rigorous instruction virtually. In March, we quickly assembled a team to support our teachers with real time data, best virtual teaching practices, and tech help. Our team met the move to virtual instruction with flexibility, dedication, and resilience to face an ever-evolving set of challenges. They’ve stepped up with innovative, student-centered solutions, and worked together to ensure that our students have access to learning, community, and support.

Nearly 90% of all teachers reported that there was a clear vision for implementing effective distance learning at their school.

Joyful, Excellent Schools

We believe in the potential of every student to learn and grow, and we foster a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity to meet the learning needs of every student. We personalize instruction based on students’ interests, skills, and needs, ensuring every student receives the right level of support. Our students have a sustained track-record of success on state tests in math, English, reading, and social studies, continually outperforming state averages.

Our graduates’ A-G completion rate is 100%, making them UC and CSU eligible
98% of KIPP high school students graduate

Our commitment to academic excellence did not waver when we were forced to close campuses this spring. We know that our students’ learning and engagement with their peers and teachers is more important than ever. During this prolonged period of distance learning, students are engaged in 2-3 hours of daily synchronous instruction and twice weekly one-on-one check ins with their teachers.

Technology distributed for learning at home

6,500 Chromebooks

1,200 Wi-Fi Hotspots

Empowered Alumni

We work with students to identify their passion, purpose, and plan to support them in leading fulfilling lives and creating a more just world. Our vision is for all students to have the access, skills, and resources necessary to thrive. Our KIPP Through College team provides structured support focused on college readiness, persistence, completion, and career success. KIPP students receive financial literacy, college and career programming, and access to internship and mentorship programs. After high school, KIPP advisors help alumni navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while in college or pursuing a career.

College Matriculation Rate

Our Alumni Community

KIPP high school alumni graduate college at 3x the rate of their peers
Over 4,000 KIPPsters in our alumni community

“There can be a lot of pressure to pursue a career that requires a four-year degree right out of high school, but I’m really grateful for KIPP Through College and the support they gave as I found my own path. As I embraced my dream career of becoming a firefighter, I was also working on getting my BA in sociology, and one day I plan to also get my masters.”

Kevin Gonzalez

KIPP King & Cal State East Bay Alum

Our Gratitude

We are proud to honor our campaign supporters and annual donors who make our work possible every day.

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